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    We help global leaders in the retail, consumer goods and financial service industries to be pioneers of new growth.


    We turn information overload into a simple growth compass that inspires our clients to take bold decisions.


    We provide the confidence to experiment, learn and disrupt - delivering growth on a different scale.

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    Who We Are

    We're unconventional and independent. Not a cookie cutter in sight! We don't look like consultants, we don't behave like consultants. We do, however have heaps of experience to draw on. We're strategic, technical and creative. We've been in your shoes (we have all had 'real' jobs before!) - and will work alongside you as part of your team.

  • Meet Some of our Team

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    The Ringleader

    Daring & Inquisitive

    Inspires and supports organisations to grow differently

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    The Fixer

    Thoughtful & Pragmatic

    Guides teams to explore and realise untapped potential

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    Behaviour Guru

    Curious & Creative

    Understands how to influence consumer behaviour and drive growth

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    James Sesemann

    Data Mixologist

    Sharp & Intuitive

    Combines data in genius ways to illuminate new opportunities

  • Delivering Growth Differently

    Insight-based, Pragmatic and Disruptive

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    Finding the Signals in all the Noise

    Insight-based Growth Compass

    Many leading companies are under-exploiting their data assets. It's hard to know where the value is - and to connect the dots between different sources. Our Growth Compass, rooted in your insight, will quickly illuminate paths to growth. We'll quantify the opportunities and understand what it takes to be successful - enabling you to take bolder choices.

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    Landing Real Change

    Smart, Pragmatic Solutions

    Building bold strategies for growth takes work - but bringing them to life through strong execution is perhaps even tougher. We're not satisfied to stop with a plan - we work with clients and their partners to implement the strategy and measure the growth.

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    Channel Disruption

    Meaningful Change in Retail

    The expectations of consumers and shoppers are changing faster now than ever before. We've worked with retailers across the globe - and we predict massive changes in the way that suppliers and retailers work together to shape shopping behaviour. Retailers say 'Everybody comes with the same thing'. Let our track record of successful retail transformation inspire your next disruptive move.

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    Accelerating Soft Drinks Growth

    We've partnered with one of the world's biggest soft drinks manufacturers to illuminate new paths to growth.

    New data helped us identify patterns in drinking behaviour - so that the potential of the full portfolio could be realised. This meant that the data didn't sit on a shelf - but shaped the business priorities and customer growth agenda.

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    Modelling Future Growth

    We work with many of the world's biggest consumer goods companies - not just to shape strategies for growth but to quantify their value. Our independent analyses build confidence to make bold choices

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    Growth Through New Channels

    Our client had a strong and profitable restaurant business - but a desire to realise faster growth through channel expansion. We supported the development of the new concept, researched with customers and successfully implemented a breakthrough concept to meet consumers' needs for restaurant-quality food at home.

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    Financial Service Innovation

    We partnered with one of the world's biggest banks to launch an innovative payment solution in the UK. We researched consumer and shopper reactions and developed the channel strategy and the proposition for retailers. We successfully launched this exciting new technology, cementing our client's role as leaders in payments innovation.

  • Get in Touch

    All our work comes from recommendations and repeat business. If you'd like to hear from one of our clients about what makes us different, please get in touch and we will be glad to assist!